Jun 28, 2022 Business

How to Not Kill Plants When Pressure Washing a House

Every single living organism that exists on this planet relies on water in some way, shape or form, and plants tend to need it even more than others. There is a pretty good chance that a plant would be able to survive for a few days without any sunlight, but it is unlikely that it would thrive for very long if its water access gets restricted. However, that doesn’t mean that all water is good for your plants. They need a specific quantity, and just like overeating can kill a human being overwatering can do the same to flora.

The truth of the situation is that pressure cleaning houston can do a real number on your plants if you are not careful. This is because of the fact that the pressure of the jets can rip them to shreds, and even if all they are exposed to is runoff this is usually enough to poison them entirely. Even if your runoff is devoid of any chemical additives, the best that you can hope for is that they would get overwatered which isn’t exactly ideal.

In order to protect your precious greenery, you need to be willing to move all potted plants outside of the designated pressure washing area. The fact of the matter is that there is no real way to protect them if you leave them in the line of fire, so if they are in pots and can therefore be moved rather easily you should do so without even a single second’s delay. Plants can add a lot of beauty to your home, so you would never want to lose out on that.